Last night’s episode of “House” saw two familiar faces return to the screen. While the new cast members have been interesting, we did miss Chase and Taub, and for the most part, they did not disappoint. Read our review to find out what else did and did not work in this episode.

The Players:

  • Director: Kate Woods
  • Writer: John C. Kelley
  • Cast: Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Charlyne Yi, Odette Annable, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Omar Epps

Episode Title: “The Confession”

A pillar of the community and devoted family man experiences an apparent heart attack while having an affair with a young woman. He falls under the care of House and his team, where he continues to exhibit strange symptoms and begins to confess to numerous sins to both his family and friends. Chase and Taub return to the team; House is convinced that at least one of Taub’s children is not biologically his, and tries to get a sample for a DNA test to prove his theory.

The Good:

  • Curveballs: The medical mystery this week wasn’t the most interesting the show has ever featured, but it did keep us guessing. We were unsure whether or not the patient could be saved, and we were also unsure about what was and was not a symptom of his illness. The mystery side of the show has always been the crowd-pleasing element that lets the writers insert some real human drama into mainstream television, but every now and then, it can still be engaging.
  • Taub’s indecision: For once, a character is faced with an ethical dilemma with no easy answers, both for him and for the viewers. At the end of this hour of television, Taub made his call, but it leaves us wondering whether or not we would have made the same choice. Could you possibly raise a child without knowing whether or not it was your own? When it comes to the love of a parent, does that even matter? Interesting stuff to chew on.
  • Foreman: Foreman has always been the most stoic character in this show, rarely betraying his own emotions and doubts. We can’t ask for a moment of tearful regret, or a display of intense anger/sadness/happiness, but when he clearly struggles between his duties as an administrator and his instincts as a doctor, we’re reminded that no one on this show is ever as simple as they appear.

The So-So:

  • Dr. Adams: Speaking of characters not being simple, well, we’re sure that Dr. Adams will develop into an interesting component of this show. With that said, her incessant bleeding-heart guilt is getting a little old. It’s not that her opinions aren’t worthwhile, it’s just that writers seem to think that her decision to constantly express them equates with character depth. Such is not the case.

The Bad:

  • Chase and Adams: Somewhere in the back of our minds, we immediately suspected that Chase and Adams will hook up at some point in the show. Thankfully, it didn’t happen in last night’s episode, but it was hinted at a little too strongly. It’s a predictable plot point, and this show’s strength is its ability to be unpredictable. Let’s hope this doesn’t come to fruition, if only because it’d be no surprise if it did.


Another fine episode in a season that is a lot more impressive than it needs to be. By this point, you would think that “House” would have run out of steam, but apparently there is still some more story to be told.

Rating: 7.5/10

“House” airs every Monday night on FOX!

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