If there is going to be a theme for the next couple years of cinema it’s going to be branding. It’s the most important thing a studio can have these days, as it means that there is a built-in awareness. We’ve seen it building over the last couple years, but now it’s hitting a point of ludicrousness as MGM has optioned Where’s Waldo? for the big screen.

To be fair, no filmmaker or actor or anything has been attached, and the number of things that are optioned are often just optioned and never become films. But some things don’t work particularly well as a film, and it seems like the biggest problem with Where’s Waldo? is that it has no narrative.

To be fair, a filmmaker could then do what they want with it, but then why create a story around it? I’d guess the only thing that can be done with this is a chase movie, where children and their pet(s) must find Waldo in a location or different places. But the reason why the books are popular is because it’s about paying attention and studying pictures. There’s nothing about this property that is in any way cinematic. But this is the new world, where a title is more important than its content.

What children’s item will be adapted next?