Get ready to start yelling “KKKHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!” all over again, Star Trek fans—looks like Benicio Del Toro is the only guy in the running to play the villain in the upcoming sequel to the Star Trek reboot… and fans are already speculating he’ll play Khan, the villain from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Apparently, Del Toro is “director J.J. Abrams’ top choice to play his next Star Trek villain, whoever that might be.”  Abrams is being increasingly secretive about the upcoming sequel, refusing to tell anyone who the villain will be—including Del Toro, who is also completely in the dark about who he would be playing.

While it would be fun to see Del Toro ham it up playing the villain with the most badass space-mullet in the history of science fiction, Ricardo Montalban’s original portrayal of Khan is so iconic, it seems pointless to try and recast that role.  That said, when the new Star Trek tries to come up with an original villain, as was the case in the last film, we got Eric Bana playing a bland bald guy with pointy ears and tattoos who didn’t make much of an impression beyond playing a character that made viewers ask “who was that guy again?” after they finish watching the film.  So maybe Abrams should bring Khan back after all.

What do you think of Del Toro in Star Trek 2?

Source: The AV Club