Oh, Ridley Scott. Ridley has had a number of film in development for a while, but it seems he’s been getting the most traction on follow ups to his older films. Prometheus is due out summer 2012, but recently he’s been talking up his continuation of the Blade Runner universe, and as he tells the Wall Street Journal it’s going to be a sequel but with none of the cast from the original returning.

The production company Alcon announced this proposed sequel in August, as we reported, but Scott makes it sound like they are deep in pre-production – even though there is no writer attached. Scott has been a real worker over the last decade, having gone through periods of inactivity to directing nearly a picture a year since Gladiator reinvigorated his career.

But though Scott is highly respected in the industry, he doesn’t have the world’s best track record as a performer, so perhaps it’s no surprise he’s returning to his earlier films to guarantee a job. That seems to be the way of the business right now, so why not do it yourself if you’re still working? The strangest thing about this was that Blade Runner was a huge flop in 1982. Hopefully this is better than the similar “late stage follow up to a cult hit from 1982″ Tron Legacy.

What would you like to see Ridley Scott direct next?