In the trailer for Wanderlust, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play a couple dealing with very real world problems. He gets laid off and the duo end up at a commune.  As directed by David Wain (who also did Role Models and cult favorite Wet Hot American Summer), the film looks to offers laughs and lots of small roles from Wain’s old comedy troupe The State. Check out the trailer…

In trailer you can spot State-vets Ken Marino, Kerri Kinney, and Joe Lo Truglio, along with Alan Alda, Justin Theroux and Malin Akerman. Most of these people seem to be a part of the same universe, and often show up in each other’s movies, so that’s not really a surprise – though it’s interesting to see that Akerman has landed in comedy after Watchmen did little for her (or anyone’s) career.
The film comes out February 24, 2012, which never means much when it comes to comedy – they can play at any point in the year – and if it delivers as much as the trailer, it should be a nice small comedy success for the group. Wain’s career as a director didn’t really take off until Role Models proved he could work in the mainstream, so it was a long road after 2001′s Wet Hot American Summer, which is one of the funniest films of the last ten years, though was barely released in theaters.
Does Elvis Costello music make every trailer better?