Todd Phillips is one of the most successful comedy directors in the history of cinema. Between the two Hangover movies, he’s shown that comedies can be blockbusters and now he’s also working to shepherd projects as producer. His latest producing gig is on Project X, which has been kept under wraps as a mystery project and now has a trailer. An interesting and weird trailer. Check it out…

Okay, there’s no names in the film,  but what’s strange about the trailer is how it builds as a comedy only for the trailer to not be that funny. The music cue and the use of Todd Phillips suggests a comedy, and while the trailer shows some slightly funny stuff, it starts like a trailer for a horror movie where everything goes horribly wrong. Perhaps it’s the nature of found footage – which has mostly been used for scary movies at this point – but if the last seconds showed a guy in a mask with a knife, it would be just as in keeping with the tone of the piece.

But if this just about rampant mayhem, the found footage narrative device is what really annoys about it. We’ve seen a number of these recently, and there’s no denying it’s been successful for Paramount and the Paranormal Activity films, but why this film is done that way seems more out of budget concerns than actual narrative drive. We shall see, but it’s a device I hope dies soon.

Does Project X make you think of Mathew Broderick?