There may be no release date yet, but with the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, you’ve got a plot and a location. That location: Los Angeles, again. We thought that might not be the case after Rockstar’s recent L.A. Noire game and it being the main location of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but we were proved wrong. Here’s the trailer…

No release date is specified yet, but it looks like they’re on their way, and the scale of the game is what always impresses. With each new iteration they create their worlds with even more detail. It’s been a long road since GTA III revolutionized the game, and had leftover Scarface songs on the soundtrack, to the later games which have multiple radio stations playing number one hit songs.

And changing the course of video game soundtracks is only one of the doors that  GTA opened. Of course one of the other was moral questions about violence in video games, though since Columbine shootings the influence of video games on violence hasn’t been a hot button issue. Perhaps with the release of the next Grand Theft Auto, we might see a return to such grandstanding. This probably means a May-ish 2012 release.

Do you have a favorite Grand Theft game?