Oh, Lord (see what I did there?)  Remember that really, really bad film series starring Kirk freaking Cameron (and not the charming 1980s Kirk Cameron, but the really creepy “you’re all going to burning in Hell, isn’t that amazing?” modern version) based on the Left Behind book series?  You know, where the Rapture happens, and all the people left behind and not selected by God have to battle the Anti-Christ, as well as shoddy production values and poor direction?  Well, the film series is being remade.

Writer-producers Paul Lalonde and John Patus, who teamed up to bring us the original horrible series of films, have regrouped and are looking to throw a $15 million budget at a remake of the first film in the series.  Moreover, they are looking for a director who can make the movie “more in the mold of a classic disaster movie,” rather than the boring and pedantic original films.  Also, they are looking to build a car with a Flux Capacitor so that they may travel back in time to an era when $15 million could actually make a disaster movie, and not just a movie that is a disaster.

So there you have it—Left Behind is returning to the big screen, and somewhere, Kirk Cameron is rocking himself back and forth and telling himself that remakes are the Devil’s work.

What do you think of the Left Behind news?

Source: The AV Club