After seventy-two days of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed divorce papers to end her marriage to Kris Humphries. E entertainment television recently aired their reality show version of her wedding, called Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, which was shown in two parts and is now in re-runs, while the duo were recently on Ellen’s talk show to renew their vows. Let’s talk about this, shall we?

First off, the only reason why Kim Kardashian is famous is because she has a good body (that was surgicially enhanced) and decided she wanted to make a sex tape. I was once on a television show with an adult film actress she told me that the thing about sex tapes is that they need both participant’s consent, so there’s no pretending that it leaked on accident – especially with someone so not known at the time. Since then she’s been a reality show TV star and spokeswoman, Playboy model, and someone who gets their picture taken.

On some level Kardashian is the American dream: to succeed without having any great talents besides plastic surgery and naked ambition. It’s just as easy to portray her as everything that is wrong with this country or capitalism, or the opposition to same-sex marriage – whatever sticks, right? But with this, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t a business decision from the word go. Of course Hollywood has a history of arranged marriages and relationships meant to hide sexual preferences, but this seems to be a reality show plot point taken to the next level. And between the tape and this marriage, it’s fair to say that Kardashian has made a living prostituting herself. Unless the two fell out of love in less than two and a half months, which is always possible, right?

Is there any way this wasn’t a calculated business decision?