Well this certainly is necessary.  Because the Fox Network is running out of ideas just as quickly as the movie studios who reboot absolutely everything, Fox is now going back to reboot it’s old television programs.  First up?  In Living Color.

That’s the right—In Living Color (a.k.a. That One Show With Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans), Fox’s occasionally funny half hour sketch comedy show of the 1990s that was the network’s answer to Saturday Night Live, may be coming back.  Fox plans on celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show “with host and creator Keenen Ivory Wayans returning for two half-hour specials in midseason” in order to gauge public reaction—and if the public responds, we’re getting another incarnation of In Living Color, to which the whole world will surely erupt with a thunderous, “meh.”  So there’s that.

Of course, the Wayan’s family will have to enter into a laboratory to begin the cloning process, as, if you watched the original show, you know that any cast of In Living Color must be comprised of at least 14 Wayans relatives, or have at least 72% of the show made up of the Wayans’ genetic code.  It’s in the contract, you guys.

What do you think of an In Living Color reboot idea?

Source: The AV Club