Kim Kardashian is switching gears from reality TV star to certified actress. She’s been cast in a legitimate Hollywood film, not spoof — a real movie! Also, Charlie Sheen‘s heading back to television (after being replaced on “Two and a Half Men”), Sean Penn‘s ready to direct and two new movie posters have hit the net.

All this and more in our Friday news roundup…

  • Kim Kardashian: The Magic Johnson of Reality TV is hitting the big screen. Kim K has been cast in Tyler Perry‘s next movie The Marriage Counselor. EW reports that Kardashian will play a co-worker of the title character.
  • New Year’s Eve: Director Garry Marshall is bringing together as many actors as he can for his upcoming movie New Year’s Eve. A new poster for the film has been released, and there’s a total of 19 actors on it. Yes, actually on it! You can see it below.  

  • Sean Penn: Sean Penn is returning to the director’s chair. This time he’ll be working with Robert DeNiro and Kristan Wiig in The Comedian, which centers on a faded comic who gets stuck doing community service and falls for a red head. Back in May, Martin Scorsese was rumored to direct, but that is no longer the case. While Penn is no Scorsese, he’s shown promise like with his 2007 feature Into the Wild. Good luck to him!
  • Shame Gets Rating: This was bound to happen to film about a sexaholic. Steve McQueen‘s Shame has been slapped with a NC-17 by the MPAA. In the film, Michael Fassbender plays a sex addict living in New York City. With the rating, Fox Searchlight won’t be able to make the big bucks because a most theaters refuse to carry anything beyond an R.
  • Charlie Sheen Is Coming Back to TV: Charlie Sheen is still winning! The former “Two and a Half Men” star is coming back to television after getting the boot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen will star in a new show called “Anger Management” for FX. The series will be based on the 2003 Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson movie of the same name.
  • My Week With Marylin: Michelle Williams looks absolutely gorgeous in the new poster of My Week With Marilyn. She’s almost a spiting image of the late actress. Check it out.

That’s our roundup for today folks. Hopefully you’re all caught up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news.

What are you excited for?