The final Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer has debuted, and the word is Bond. James Bond. That seems to be what stars Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner, and director Brad Bird are going for in this action packed-looking film. That’s always been the word, in some ways, as it deals with special agents and spy toys, but all the previous films have been saddled with mole hunts. Here- at least from the trailer – it seems to be all about the action. Check it out

Of course mole hunting isn’t exactly off the table, either, but this trailer sell a scale that seems bigger than the last couple. Brian De Palma started the franchise off with a more Hitchcockian tone (as he would), and managed to use the mole hunting to easily work in one of the main themes of his work (betrayal). John Woo was saddled with a script that stole a lot from actual Hitchcock (there was a lot of Notorious in there), while J. J. Abrams used M:I:III to learn how to work on the big screen.

The supporting cast here looks exciting, with Simon Pegg capable comic support, and the digital effects work looks kept to a minimum. As always the question is if people still like Tom Cruise. But this trailer should sell some tickets to the skeptical.

Which is your favorite of the Mission Impossible films?