This year Halloween falls on a Monday, which means a weekend of partying, but kills  – pun intended – any raging plans for the night of (at least for most). For those in Los Angeles looking for something spooky and creepy that isn’t leftover horror films, you’d be well served by hitting The Fifty Year Sword at Redcat. It was written by Mark Danielewski and is produced by Screencrave’s own Mali Elfman, and is a ghost story told through puppetry.

Local L.A. talents make out the voice cast , and the puppets of Christine Marie & Ensemble will be on stage for a spooky night. As our Mali Elfman says “Last year, I was blown away by the show, so I feel quite honored to be a part of the amazing team that brought it to life . . . I think the audience is in for a special night with a lot of fun, new twists.” Danielewski is best known for his novel House of Leaves, and he crafted a ghost story that takes place in an East Texas orphanage, where a seamstress witnesses a caped Story Teller telling the orphans of a magical cursed sword, which then enters the real world. For Danielewski fans, there are limited edition copies of the story available at the show, with proceeds going to charity.

The show takes place at Redcat at Walt Disney Concert Hall complex (631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012), and tickets are $20 for general admission and $16 for students.

Do you have good plans for Halloween?