Because we live in a world in which a man can persevere, work very hard, say motherf***er a whole bunch, and pretty much never, ever turn down a role, no matter how awful the movie, it was announced today by the Guinness Book of World Records that Sam Jackson is the highest grossing actor in the history of humanity itself.

That’s right, gang—since 1972, Samuel L. Jackson has averaged about 4 films per year, with a total of over 100 films under his belt.  And, because some of those films happened to be little flicks such as Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, the Star Wars prequels, and cameos in just about every single Marvel film from the Iron Man franchise to Thor to Captain America, as well as a beefed up role in the upcoming The Avengers, the movies in his filmography are responsible for a massive chunk of change.  In fact, his lifetime box office gross  to date is $7.4 billion.  And that’s before we know how much money The Avengers is gonna make, which will push Jackson ever closer to being the 8 billion dollar man.

So, this is the world we live in—the star of Snakes on a Plane has grossed more money than any other actor in the history of art or film.  You win, universe, you win.

What do you think of the Sam Jackson news?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter