Last night, weeks of immunity and free passes finally caught up with the All-Stars of “America’s Next Top Model.” Kathy Griffin graced the show with her presence, joking that she was there to replace Tyra. Imagine the models surprise when they discovered that funny lady Griffin came to bear bad news – two of them would be going home. During the episode, the girls went on a night ride through the wild streets of Hollywood and got to interact with fans during their challenge.

Let’s go over the details of ‘Kathy Griffith.’

The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley
  • Guest Judges: Kathy Griffin
  • Cast: Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1), Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13), Angelea Preston (Cycle 14), Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15) and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16).

Episode Title: “Kathy Griffin”

The women are asked to create a signature fragrance and launch the scent at a public event, while posing in a bathtub. Also, at their photo shoot, the models are asked to strike as pose as reality stars.

The Good:

  • Tyra’s Message Board: Tyra’s messages are always puzzling, but most of the time they’re quite clever.  For example, last night’s read: “If it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense.”
  • Fragrance Challenge (SPOILER): Aren’t models only suppose to shoot perfume campaigns, not produce the goods? Even though the show is becoming less and less about ‘How to be America’s Next Top Model,’ challenges like this are much appreciated. Where else would these women get to create their own perfume? Last night’s challenge required the models to produce a fragrance, name it (see below), and then sell it.
  • Alison’s Fragrance: If you remember Alison, you know that during her cycle she revealed that she liked blood because it was, well, “pretty.” It should come as no surprise that when it came time to name her fragrance, she called it “Honey Blood.” Spoken like a true weirdo… a beautiful weirdo though. Some of the other models stuck to lame names like the ones they were given to define their brand during episode 2, but others (like Alison) thought outside the box. Lisa came up with “Neon,” and Alexandria with “Diamondatrix,” yes it’s a very strange name for a perfume, but at least she didn’t go with Kayla’s boring old “Free.”
  • Bianca Pickles: During their photoshoot, the models were asked to pay homage to reality TV stars Snookie and NeNe Leakes (see below). Bianca tries to impress by requesting a jar of pickles, thinking that it would be clever to eat them during her photoshoot as Snookie (the “Jersey Shore” star is known for her love of the snack). The other models try to ask for some pickles because they’re hungry and selfish Bianca denies their request. When she finally gets on set, her whole ‘pickle’ plan backfires. Priceless.

The So-So:

  • Reality Star Homage(?): Last week, Alexandria got called on her photo because she looked too much like a reality TV star. This week, Tyra decided to pay homage to reality TV stars and the question is… why? The photoshoot itself was fun and creative – having the girls ride around the streets of Hollywood on a motorcycle – but the concept was off and inconsistent.
  • Kathy Griffin: The only shame about this was that Kathy Griffin was barely a part of the show. She didn’t show up during the challenge or photoshoot. She was a delight at the panel, but we wanted to see more!

Eliminated (spoiler ahead):

  • Two girls got kicked to the curb last night – Kayla and Bianca.


The fragrance competition was a blast. The models now have another prize added to their roster — the winner will get her own perfume! The photoshoot was creative in style, but contradicting in concept. This cycle is turning out to be more of a prep for reality TV stars, not Top Models in the making.

Rating: 7/10

Watch “America’s Next Top Model” All-Star Edition Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.


Did you watch last night’s episode?