The pattern to this point with Mission: Impossible posters is the giant floating head of Tom Cruise. But that pattern has been dashed as the latest poster for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol has Cruise sharing his poster with Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, and Simon Pegg. The full size poster for the film follows after the jump, check it out…

One of the set pieces in the film is a chase during a sandstorm/debris so this seems to be paying homage to that part. Paramount recently showed a chunk of the film in Imax to journalists, and the word coming out of those screenings were positive. Perhaps they have winner with this one.

There are two questions that linger: Are American audiences back in “like” with Tom Cruise, and does this one have the exact same plot as the last three movies? Since the trailers suggest there is a mole in the operations, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fourth film has Cruise or Renner unmasking a close associate as the traitor. The film was supposedly originally pitched as Cruise’s hand-off of the franchise, but even though Cruise is 49 it’s possible that he will stay on the ship – especially with Jeremy Renner’s full plate. Perhaps they want to keep both in play and it’s Paula Patton who’s the mole. All will be revealed when the film hits theaters December 21.

What role would you want to see Tom Cruise in now?