Earlier this morning, Rockstar Games updated their front page. It offered the magical words “Grand Theft Auto V(five)” and then noted that the trailer would be hitting November 2, 2011. It is now trending worldwide on Twitter, which means that the announcement has fans trembling with anticipation.

Little is known about the setting, though the makers have ruled out something more Hollywood, as they’ve soured on using name talents because of their production schedule. Of course they could also be lying. The game has famously used people like Ray Liotta, and have been set in variants of Los Angeles (and again with Rock Star’s more recent game L.A. Noire), Miami, and New York in games past, so perhaps their next game will go international.

Though there’s been some grumbling about certain plot points and activities, these are still the high water mark for gaming, and it was Grand Theft Auto III that really took the franchise to the next level. Between it’s tremendous worlds and the controversy generated by giving the players the opportunity to kill, rape and steal from the pedestrians, it’s one of the few games that’s cracked over to the mainstream in a palpable way.

There is still now word yet on a Grand Theft Auto film adaptation, though since the games owe so much to the world of cinema, it’s understandable. Grand Theft Auto V should be coming sometime in 2012.

Have you played Grand Theft Auto?