Dan Humphrey is enjoying the fruits of his labor. The “Gossip Girl” stud always had the chops to be a successful writer. In the first season he won a young writer’s contest, followed by a short story published in The New Yorker. In the past, whenever he came close to ‘making it,’ his father would work at his conscience. He told him never demean others to attain success because you could end up alone. Five seasons later, those words have become a reality. Everyone is on non-speaking terms with him, including Rufus. So last night’s episode ‘The Fasting and the Furious’ focused on the aftermath of his book release.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “The Fasting and the Furious”

In the midst of celebrating Yom Kippur with family and friends, Blair and Louis find themselves in a power struggle with his family. Serena’s boss puts her in the awkward position of choosing between her new job and her relationship with Dan. Diana prepares to debut the New York Spectator, but a last-minute surprise delays the launch.

The Good:

  • Gossip Girl’s Blast: If we know one thing about Gossip Girl, it’s that she doesn’t like to be messed with. Nobody double-crosses her and gets away with it. She’s shown it in the past, and she showed it last night when Diana was about to debut her own gossip website, The New York Spectator. Just before the site was about to go live, Gossip Girl sent out an e-blast that put everyone in the company’s newsroom to shame. It was an awesome moment!
  • Harvey Weinstein: Dan’s novel is the hot item of the day, and now that it’s out, Hollywood wants it. So the name dropping begins… Unlike the super-fake Daniel Day-Lewis story they told us last week, the Harvey Weinstein tale is a lot more believable. Yes, he’s an A-list producer, but he’s also part of the New York elite.
  • Serena’s Jealous: We’re not liking the new and unimproved Serena one bit (see below), but last night the real her came out for a brief second. When she received Dan’s novel, she thought she’d be the star and last night, finally admitted her jealousy of Blair. It was honest and unexpected. Also, it makes us think that Dan and Blair and just meant to be.
  • Best Line: Chuck walks in to Nate’s job in a crisis and says, “I’m trying to bed an older woman and she’s being resistant. It’s driving me crazy which is ironic because she’s a shrink. You speak old lady what’s my play?”
  • Second Best Line: Serena’s producer calls Dan “F. Scott Fitz-jackass.”

The So-So:

  • Serena’s Blair: Serena has turned into Blair, a scheming and manipulative girl. However, unlike Blair, Serena (or perhaps Blake Lively) doesn’t have that wicked charm. Even at her worst, Blair is a likable character. She can get away with almost anything and you’ll still be rooting for her. On the other hand, Serena is another story. From the beginning of the series, Serena has never had that evil spark. Maybe she got away with a few ‘Blair’ moments before because they were so few and far between but season 5 has showed us a new side to her (and not in the character development kind-of-way). Athough it’s occasionally entertaining, it’s mostly annoying because it’s not the Serena we know — at all.
  • Dan Wants To Be Aaron Sorkin (SPOILER!): Dan agrees to give Serena’s boss the movie rights to Inside, with the condition that he’ll be the screenwriter. What are the chances that this could actually happen in the real world?

The Bad:

  • Charlie/Ivy: “Gossip Girl” villains have always had an agenda, but since Charlie/Ivy appears to lack one, she’s officially the lamest of villain of all.
  • Royal Pains: Where exactly is this heading? It seems like Louis’ family has disowned him and as much as we’d like to believe that Blair really loves him, she’s more in love with the idea of being Grace Kelly. As for her baby delimma, The Waldorfs wants it to be raised in Manhattan, while the monarchs want the baby in Monaco. Maybe there should be less focus on the child’s location and more focus on the results in that envelope. The clock is a ticking.


It was a good follow-up to Dan’s coming out (as the author of Inside), but there’s too much going on – Blair and the monarchs; Serena trying to get the rights to Dan’s book; Chuck going to therapy; Nate trying to make a name for himself as a journalist; Charlie/Ivy being blackmailed by Diana; Lily getting use to her life as a free woman; Dan trying to rekindle with everyone; and more. My head is literally spinning. Let’s slow down and tackle less at a time.

Rating: 7/10

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