For a couple generations of film goers, it’s impossible to say that they don’t care deeply about the Star Wars franchise. George Lucas‘s masterwork still provokes discussion, especially when George decides to tinker with the franchise further. Well, he’s tinkered again, and on February 10, 2012, we’ll see how well The Phantom Menace stands up to third dimensional scrutiny. Here’s the trailer, check it out…

It seems drawn from the same blueprint as the Star Wars reissues done in 1997, when Lucas included digital effects into the original trilogy, and fans turned out for the first film in such numbers that the reissue made $138 Million dollars. But where that trailer was arguing you could only watch the film’s on crappy television (with the picture expanding to the full screen), this seems slightly more disingenuous – these films look great at home on DVD and Blu-ray – and it doesn’t seem to be selling the 3-D in the same sort of way.

Of course it’s worth noting what this does not sell from The Phantom Menace: Jar-Jar or the dialogue – then again, why would you? Though at the time the film was breaking box office records (though couldn’t top Titanic, which is also due for a 3-D reissue), it has a reputation as the worst Star Wars film. But when the box set of the films breaks sales records, Lucas has shown this fanbase will often show up and spend money, even if they know they won’t like it. The Phantom Menace hits theaters February 10, and this discussion will surely continue until then.

Will you go anyway?