Martin Scorsese‘s children’s movie Hugo is starting to build good word of mouth after a New York screening. The first trailer was a little more slapsticky and was selling the film more to children than film fans, and it seemed to suggest a lesser film, but it looks like the film is better than that, and the new trailer sells the scale and wonder. Check it out…

Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz star as children in the middle of an adventure with Butterfield’s Hugo Cabret trying to get closer to his father (Jude Law) and his robot invention. Where the first trailer played up the presence of Sacha Baron Cohen and his station conductor, who seems a riff on Inspector Clouseau. Now there’s more of the old genius character played by Ben Kingsley.

Again, word is good. There’s no telling if it’s going to be an Oscar contender, but Scorsese’s last couple films have been so mixed, it would be nice to see him hit something out of the park. I like this trailer, and can see how the other trailer was more of a bait and switch (it was attached to Harry Potter). We’ll know for sure come November 23, when the film is released.

What was the last Martin Scorsese film you unabashedly loved?