Oh, in the name of Xenu, this is silly.  Turns out that the Church of Scientology, long known its sense of humor and ability to take a joke or insult, wasn’t too happy with the 2005 episode of South Park entitled “Trapped in the Closet,” in which SP creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone leaked the fundamental (and heretofore confidential) belief of Scientology—that 75 million years ago, a space tyrant named Xenu ran a Galactic Confederacy,  and this Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in a spaceship that bizarrely resembled a 1960s jet airliner, dropped the people into some volcanoes, and then blew the volcanoes up with hydrogen bombs, and that the remnants of those detonated bodies cling to us today and make us all impure.

So, yeah, the Church was understandably a little peeved about that info getting out… So they apparently launched a secret smear campaign against the South Park duo.

“… former Church of Scientology executive Marty Rathbun has revealed via leaked internal documents that the organization targeted South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for a lengthy period of time following 2005’s “Trapped In The Closest.”   The episode…sparked an investigation into the duo by the Church’s covert Office of Special Affairs operatives, who spent well over a year looking for information that could be used against them. This, they believed, would discredit Parker and Stone in the public eye, and validate Scientology as a totally legitimate religion with nothing sinister about it at all.”

Wowza.  Apparently, Scientology operatives “staked out the South Park production offices to compile personal information on the staff,” and even attempted to have a mole infiltrate the writer’s room for the show.  The Church also target John Stamos, as he is a close friend of the duo.  They even dug into their trash to see if they could find information of the diets of the two men.  All of which leads me to believe the Church of Scientology is a totally sane and non-corrupt religion, and that they should be left alone.  Right, guys?

What do you think of the Scientology news?

Source: The AV Club