Because the kids sure do love those comic adaptations (right guys, right?) Fox has decided to take the comic book character The Punisher –a psychotic former Marine who launches a lifelong, mind-bogglingly violent campaign against crime after his wife and child are killed by the mob—into a television show.  Which should work out pretty well, as The Punisher has so far been made into three—count ‘em, three—horrible, just plain horrible films, each one failing to launch a Punisher franchise.

But it’s totally not gonna suck this time, you guys, Fox swears!

The Punisher will get its own slightly more heroic take from former Criminal Minds showrunner Ed Bernero. He sees The Punisher as more of a standard police procedural, with Frank Castle working as a “rising star detective” in New York who moonlights as a vigilante “seeking justice for those the system has failed.”

So, essentially, one of the darkest and most bloodthirsty anti-heroes in Marvel Comics history is basically going to be transformed into CSI with skull shirts.  Great.  Which would be cool, if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve already seen that show—I liked it the first time I saw it, when it was called Dexter—and, these days, that show is almost as bad as the Punisher films were.  But whatever.  As long as Marvel doesn’t crassly start shoving out a bunch of by-the-numbers superhero films to basically act as $200 million, two-hour trailers for a crappy-looking Avengers film, we should be ok.

Wait a minute…

What do you think of the Punisher news?

Source:  The AV Club