Warner Brothers has made their choice for adapting Stephen King‘s thousand page-plus tome The Stand and their choice is Ben Affleck, according to Deadline Hollywood. Affleck would then be brought on to both write and direct the project after finishing his current feature Argo.

It’s been a strange trajectory for Affleck. He found work at first during the independent cinema boom in the 90′s, having made memorable appearances in the works of directors like Kevin Smith and Richard Linklatter, but his script (written with Matt Damon) for Good Will Hunting won him an Oscar for writing, and got him a best supporting actor nomination. Hollywood quickly called, and he appeared in two Michael Bay films, only to eventually wear out his welcome as a leading man.

2007′s Gone Baby Gone was a smaller release, but showed that Affleck had chops behind the camera, while 2010′s The Town showed that he was not only a good director, he could also make a profitable picture that played to adults. The Stand will likely be targeted as a multi-film picture with a blockbuster budget, which makes this a huge leap up.

Though King has expressed reticence about a film (perhaps after the okay but not great mini-series), he thought The Town was the second best film of it’s year, and felt the same about Gone Baby Gone. Hopefully that means he’ll give this the thumb’s up.

Do you like Affleck more as a director or actor?