Well, I guess now you actually have a reason to fork over the money to see Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocal (a.k.a., Mission: Impossible If You Pay To See This They’re Just Gonna Keep Making This Crap) in an IMAX theater—IMAX prints of the new Tom Cruise film will also feature the first six minutes of the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises film!

Ugh, Warner Bros., why are you doing this to me?  I really don’t want to see the new Mission Impossible film, but… the Batman fanboy in me demands to see a six minute IMAX preview of The Dark Knight Rises.  Warner Bros. did the same thing in 2007, when it attached the opening Joker bank robbery sequence of The Dark Knight to the Will Smith film, I Am Legend.

So it seems that Warner Bros.’ business model is as follows: pack a bunch of money into a famous movie star’s vanity action film project, realize that the film is probably going to suck, then decide to cram the first few minutes of the most hotly awaited superhero films of recent memory at the beginning of screenings for the said crappy film.  Genius!

Actually, it is pretty genius, because now I’m looking to buy tickets to see Ghost Protocol when it opens on December 16.  Well, played, Warner, well played.

What do you think of The Dark Knight Rises news?

Source: /Film