Piles of bits and pieces for the day:

- Mickey Rourke is getting his handprints immortalized at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The theater has recently been offering more people to get their prints in their cement, with the Twilight Cast also recently were announced to be hand dippers as well. Part of this is trying to bring new life to the theater, which has been eclipse fiscally by the Arclight theater down the street.

- Daniel Radcliffe‘s got a new movie that isn’t Harry Potter, and there’s a teaser for it. The film is called The Woman in Black. Check it out…

- Harrison Ford knows of Uncharted, which seems drawn from the Indiana Jones films. Heck, he’s even played it.

Chronicle is a found footage superhero movie. Found footage is wearing out its welcome like woah, but the central conceit of this looks pretty good:

The most recognizable face there is Michael B. Jordan, familiar to fans of The Wire and Friday Night Lights.

- Mark Romanek is considered the front runner for The Lost Symbol, according to Deadline Hollywood. Romanek is coming off of Never Let Me Go, a film which I thought was the best film of last year, but also one that didn’t make much of an impact. romanek may need to make a film that makes some money, and this is something of a safe bet, even if it’s a sequel to The Da Vinci Code.

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