For so long “Gossip Girl” fans have been waiting for the moment when Lonely Boy, Dan Humphrey would release a tell-all novel. Though it was just recently revealed (in Season 4) that Dan was even working on a novel, it was always implied that Dan would someday give his perspective on being the outsider among his rich society friends. Finally that day came, and it was well worth the wait. During last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl” Dan spent his time trying to convince Serena, Blair, Chuck, and Nate, that Inside is a work of fiction and merely inspired by their lives, and he learned the true meaning of what it is to be a Lonely Boy.

The Players:

Episode: “Memoirs of an Invisible Dan”

After much deliberation, Dan decides to gather Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Rufus and Lily to reveal the truth about his book in the hope that they will support him at his book party. Meanwhile, Blair and Louis hit a crises point after Louis reads Dan’s book. Diana learns incriminating information about one of Nate’s friends and uses it to her advantage.

The Good:

  • Together Again: The show’s always much more exciting when the whole gang gets together. Dan wanted everyone to come to his book release party, but before he sent out the party invitations, he had to break the news. Dan calls a meeting at the Van Der Woodsens – one by one they come in, skeptical about why they’re there (though exciting, these meetings are never good news). The highlight of the scene is when Serena walks in, looking super chic, and at the sight of everyone says, “Okay, I’m pretty sure this is how every murder mystery begins.”
  • Reactions to Inside (SPOILERS!): Dan gives everyone about 10 hours to read his novel (which looks lengthy by the way). The only ones who actually read his novel are the adults, Rufus and Lily, and Chuck, oh and Louis. Serena has to hear about her portrayal as Sabrina from her co-worker. She doesn’t think much of it at first, but when her job is put on the line because of her portrayal, she confronts Dan. Serena thinks Dan has forgotten who he fell in love with those years ago, and Dan thinks Serena isn’t seeing the whole picture. In a lot of ways, their confrontation was quite enlightening and showed insight into their complicated relationship. Like Serena, Blair is also furious at Dan. She finds out through Louis that Dan’s book includes “fictitious” details that could potentially ruin her royal wedding, again. Blair’s confrontation with Dan isn’t as intense as Serena’s, but it shows us just how much Dan has grown to care about her. Nate also gets upset, not because of his portrayal as a gay guy, but because his character, “Derek,” was a combination of him and Eric, Serena’s younger brother. Kudos to Dan for showing just how secondary Nate’s character has become.
  • Chuck Analyzes Himself, Hangs Out With Lily: Out of everyone, Chuck was the only one who wasn’t raging at Dan for his portrayal. He saw this as an opportunity to re-evaluate his priorities. He doesn’t want to be alone. Towards the end of the episode, he shares an emotional and sweet moment with Lily.
  • Rufus Goes From Proud Father to Heartbroken Dad: It was shocking to learn that Rufus’ feeling were also hurt. Rufus waits for the right moment to tell Dan that he’s heartbroken by his description as a “hasbeen turned trophy husband.” How will Dan’s novel change the dynamic of this father/son relationship?

The So-So:

  • Charlie/Ivy and Diana: These two have joined forces. We don’t know much about their plans yet, all we do know is that Diana might be blackmailing Charlie/Ivy to become the new Gossip Girl.
  • Blair and Dan’s Liplock (SPOILERS!): While Blair is reading Dan’s book (she just read a part of it), she imagines one of the scenes and it comes alive onscreen. Dan and Blair share a disturbing kiss. It was a shocking moment because for a second it appeared to be real. Luckily, it was all a daydream.

The Bad:

  • Serena As Production Assistant: Serena’s gig as a production assistant continues to be totally unrealistic. Last night, she sent Daniel Day Lewis (c’mon writers, DDL? really?) rosebushes as a bribe to do a movie. It’s totally unrealistic that an actor of DDL’s caliber would ever, ever agree to do a project on these terms, and even more unrealistic is that he would turn down a project because of some Upper East Side party girl’s reputation. First David O. Russell, now DDL? If you can get DDL to do a cameo on “Gossip Girl” then I’ll never question this show again, but until then, this is NOT okay.


‘Memories of an Invisible Dan’ was a revelation for the characters of “Gossip Girl.” Through Dan’s book, everyone – except Diana and Charlie/Ivy – learned the harsh reality of their personalities. Last night’s episode was served like a season premiere, especially when Gossip Girl’s epilogue included the phrase, “We’re just at the start of a brand new chapter.” Five seasons and Dan’s writing is barely seeing the light of day. It’s safe to say that Inside is going to be at the center of a lot of storylines to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

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