No, this isn’t a filmed version of the INXS song, it’s a found footage exorcism film due out in January. The Devil Inside comes from writer/director William Brent Bell, whose last horror outing was the miserable Stay Alive (2006). Here he seems to have figured out the hotter horror trends – found footage, exorcisms – and mixed and matched them. Here’s the trailer.

If some people don’t do well with certain monsters or horror conceits, I must admit that I have little interest in exorcisms as a horror device. Though there’s no denying the craft and great subtexts of William Friedkin’s original Exorcist film, I’ve always found it a tad boring. With films like this they play upon beliefs partly and if you were raised with a certain skeptcism these sorts of film work only on the level of jump scares.

With a January release date, they’ll probably do well for themselves with The Devil Inside. The film is being released by Paramount’s Insurge label, which was born of the success of Paranormal Activity. This is their first micro-budgeted film, and if it works, expect many more along similar lines. The problem may be that even if the film was made for less than a million, marketing budgets may sink the effectiveness of spending so little. We shall see.

What’s your favorite cheap movie?