Hey, gang.  Remember a little band called Limp Bizkit?  You remember, mid to late ‘90s rap-rock, really misogynistic and violent, incredibly, incredibly stupid lyrics, big with the fratboys and date rapists, and fronted by the chubby guy in the backwards baseball cap who was a total douche?  You know the one, Fred Durst?  Remember now?  Well, it turns out CBS has found the perfect job for Durst, whose career has slowed down a little—he’s going to star in a new sitcom called (wait for it… wait for it…) Douchebag.  Really.  Fred Durst is going to be a Douchebag.

Yes, you read that right.  “The show will revolve around a rock star trying to balance his family life with his career commitments,” and will be penned by Matthew Carlson, who previously wrote for the short-lived and little-watched ABC sitcom, Mr. Sunshine.

So, Fred Durst is really going to star in a sitcom called Douchebag… I want to believe that CBS is actually this cool, and this is all secretly a gigantic joke at Durst’s expense, but I doubt it.  I get the feeling that, in the wake of Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men debacle, CBS just got lazy: “What’s that you say?  We’ve got an untitled sitcom slated for the fall, with Fred Durst set to star?  Oh, Jesus.  You know what?  Whatever.  Just call it Douchebag.  ‘Cause he’s a douchebag, right?  I’ve got a 4 PM golf game I cannot miss.”  Sound more like it.

What do you think of the Fred Durst news?

Source: Billboard