With the film coming out November 23, The Muppets is almost upon us, and each trailer brings a warm feeling of nostalgia. With this new trailer, many of the jokes feel like they could have been made in the earlier movies, or on the TV show. It looks like a warm hearted but funny attempt to bring these characters to the fore, and it looks like writer/star Jason Segel delivered. Check it out…

This also includes some of the rumored cameos, including Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, that kid from Modern Family, and more – is that Neil Patrick Harris doing “mahna mahna?” Maybe.

As a child of the 80′s, it’s hard for me not to find that this hits my nostalgia button over and over, and I like seeing these characters back doing what they do. From Fozzie’s fart shoes, to the parody Muppets, to the Wall*E-esque robot, I can’t wait to see what the film has in store. It looks like a lot. But as I’ve said before, I don’t know if mainstream audiences will be as quick to embrace it – though parents are the right age to have fond memories of the show, this isn’t Pixar, it isn’t animated, and it’s not 3-D. You never know with films like this. Hopefully it’s good, and if so hopefully people will go.

Mahna mahna?