Kristen Stewart‘s Bella and Robert Pattinson‘s Team Edward are getting married! That much is certain, and it seems they enjoy a night of conjugal pleasures which have unexpected consequences that upset Taylor Lautner‘s Team Jacob. How much and when the divide of Bill Condon‘s Twilight: Breaking Dawn happens is not spelled out, but it looks like in this one we’re definitely getting to see the couple consummate their love. Part 1 opens November 18, and there’s two new TV spots. Check them out….

The first spot is called “Event”:

The second spot is called “Forever”:

They’ve been building on the same images, many of which seem rather suggestive. I mean Pattinson is destroying that headboard, and though perhaps girls of a certain age have no concept of what he’s doing, that looks like some pretty intense sexxing.It must be, it gets Bella pregnant, stat.

The fourth book was the least appreciated by fans, but I think at this point (much like with the books) the Twi-Hards are in for the ride. Ironically with the placement of Bill Condon at the helm of the picture, the worst reviewed book will likely have the best reviewed movies. Regardless, the rabid fanbase is going to eat this up.

Are you a Twi-hard for this picture?