The premise of This Means War is stupidly irresistable. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play secret agents. Both end up dating Reese Witherspoon. She seems to be a normal girl, but their interest gets so heightened that they use their spy tools on each other. Director McG may have a real winner on his hands. Check out the trailer…

This is high-concept filmmaking at its most psuedo-Jerry Bruckheimer. Fifteen ago Tony Scott would have directed it with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Now we get the slightly cheaper version, but I’ll say this for the trailer: it’s got the scale it needs.

the biggest question this film raises is that Hollywood is not entirely sure what constitutes a starlet any more. I can’t imagine this picture with Katherine Heigl (who’s entered into a genre ghetto at this point), but Witherspoon strikes as being older than the normal casting in a picture like this, and looks to have a couple years on her co-stars. In and of itself that’s a good thing, it’s nice to see Hollywood isn’t afraid of a leading lady who isn’t fresh out of college, but it also suggests there’s no new Reese Witherspoon. Who is her younger equal in terms of comediennes? This Means War opens February 17, 2012.

Seriously, who is the new Reese Witherspoon?