America’s Next Top Model” was full of surprises Wednesday night. Up until now, each episode has featured one celebrity, but during ‘La Toya Jackson’ the models also got to work with the Kardashian clan – Kim, Kourtney and Khloe – and of course, Ms. Jackson. During their photoshoot, the models channeled Michael Jackson over the decades. Now that we’re five weeks in, the stress of the competition has created a hostile environment in the “Top Model” house, making one of the models consider quitting the competition. For all that and more, keep reading.

The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley
  • Guest Judges: La Toya Jackson
  • Cast: Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1), Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13), Angelea Preston (Cycle 14), Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15) and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16).

Episode Title: “La Toya Jackson”

During a photo shoot, the models get to pose as the late music legend Michael Jackson over the decades, with his sister La Toya Jackson guiding the women throughout the shoot. André Leon Tally and Nigel Barker join guest judge LaToya Jackson and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for the elimination.

The Good:

  • Miss J: The runway diva coach extraordinaire makes his first appearance since the season premiere. He’s talented. He’s sassy. He’s honest. Whenever Miss J is around there’s bound to be some entertainment.
  • Lisa On the Kardashian Carousel: Lisa is the first to walk (up-and) down the Kardashian Carousel (see more below), and after seeing all of the models do their runway walk after her, she was still the most memorable. She carries herself with “ooddles” of confidence.
  • La Toya Jackson: “Top Model” has never had a nicer judge than Ms. La Toya Jackson. She was engaged every step of the way and that’s really what it’s all about. Maybe she had a hidden agenda (like a lot of judges seem to have when they come on the show), but overall she appeared to be enjoying herself. Basically, it didn’t seem like she was being forced to be there. She looked like wanted to be there.
  • Channeling Michael Jackson: A Michael Jackson-themed photoshoot could not have come at a better time. It was a nice break from all those horrible photos that are being shown in the Conrad Murray trial. So, the models had to channel Michael Jackson over the decades. Even though Michael has so many signature moves, it’s not easy to embody the king of pop. Still, most of the models aced it. It was a nice tribute to the late legend.
  • Not A Kardashian Show: The Kardashians are everywhere – E!, Twitter, “Dancing With the Stars,” News Shows, Sears, etc. Now they’ve crossed over to “Top Model” – but thankfully, their appearance was both short and sweet, as it should always be.

The So-So:

  • Kardashian Carousel: Normally, a challenge that requires someone to jump on-and-off a moving carousel, while wearing 6-inch heels, would be funny – except these models have been on this merry-go-round once before… well, not this one specifically. These “All-Star” models have braved Tyra’s crazy challenges and photoshoots during their first time on “Top Model,” so the Kardashian Carousel was really, easy feat. It was a nice sight – the carousel plus the runway in the middle of the sand. But no one tripped and no one fell. The challenge was so unchallenging that there were two winners.

The Bad:

  • Bianca Crosses the Line: According to Bianca, she deserves to win the competition more than anyone because she tries the hardest (not really). This may be a common belief among “Top Models,” as well as an entertaining notion, but Bianca has crossed the line. Her rants and tantrums are no longer entertaining, they are downright irritating.

Eliminated (spoiler ahead):

  • No one was eliminated because La Toya Jackson is way too nice.


La Toya Jackson and a great photoshoot made up for Bianca’s irritating attitude and the silly Kardashian Carousel.

Rating: 8/10

Watch “America’s Next Top Model” All-Cast Edition Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.


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