Well, America, it’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to join together, sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and a freaking bucket of movie theater soda, and relax and laugh as a family as Jason Biggs repeatedly gets caught masturbating.  So breath a heavy sigh of relief, as the trailer for long awaited (I mean, somebody out there had to have been awaiting this, right?) American Reunion (aka, American Pie 4, as long as you don’t count all those straight-to-video American Pie releases as sequels) trailer has been released.

Dig the trailer (WARNING: This trailer is for restricted audiences—meaning, if you’re at work, maybe you should wait until you’re home to catch it; if you’re underage, you probably need to wait until your mom is out of the room):

Aw, isn’t that adorable?  Biggs’ son catches him in the act of self-pleasure!  The hilarity! Also, it’s really nice to see the franchise evolve into bold new arenas—Biggs’ character has begun using tube socks instead of pies, and, hey, even Alyson Hannigan is getting in on the act, using bathing attachments in ways they were never intended.  We’re gonna be ok, America.  We’re gonna be ok.

What do you think of the American Reunion trailer?