Well, the casting news for Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated Civil War epic, Django Unchained, just keeps on coming.  After announcing that Jamie Foxx would nab the hero role, and that Christoph Waltz would join him as King Shultz (a “dentist turned bounty hunter”), we’ve learned that Sam Jackson, Dennis Christopher, Gerald McRaney and M.C. Gainey would all be in the film.  Even Kevin Costner was going to show up as an evil slave trainer, before having to drop out due to his commitments to The Hatfields and the McCoys, leaving Kurt Russell to take his place.  And now another addition to the cast has taken place, one that will satiate all manner of Miami Vice fans.

That’s right, Don Johnson, who, while not being able to nab Costner’s slave trainer role, will “play a totally different, but still nasty character.”  Which is awesome, and one hopes that Johnson will somehow find a way to work in his trademark stubble, pastel shirts, and not-all-that-great acting into the upcoming Tarantino flick.

It was announced today that Johnson will be portraying “Spencer Bennett, a plantation owner who runs a string of ‘ponies’ — that is, pretty, young female slaves.”  Apparently, this is a small role, but it will “factor into one of the film’s early sequences,” when Django and King Schultz join forces.

Django Unchained is set for a Christmas 2012 release.

What do you think of the Django Unchained news?

Source: /Film