Though he’s got a full plate, it appears that Ben Stiller has signed on for 20th Century Fox’s Rentaghost. Though no director is currently attached, it appears Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garrant (the scribes of Stiller’s Night at the Museum movies) have been hired to get a working draft in order – according to Deadline Hollywood. The film would be based on a British kids series that ran in the 1970′s and 80′s.

Originally the project was slated to star Russell Brand, but as his last lead film Arthur wasn’t successful, he’s been passed over for the project. Rentaghost is still set to take place in London, with Stiller an American sent in to reinvigorate a company, likely a company rents out ghosts. Hence the title.

What’s interesting about this is that Lennon and Garant wrote a book about making hacky American comedies that – while not completely throwing the Night of the Museum films under the bus – cataloged the problems of a broken system for such endeavors. One would think that the book would be their ways of walking away from writing such films as Taxi and The Pacifier, but I guess not. It’s also a busy season for the two writers, as there’s been word that their old Comedy Central show Reno 911 may be resurrected through Netflix.

Would you rather see Stiller do this or Zoolander 2?