Bored to Death’s season premier had it all: Oedipus, oysters and over-aged boyfriends. The quirky comedy noir hit its stride straight from the opening and kept up the laugh-a-minute pace to the credits. Following a delicately paved path to paternity, “The Blond In The Woods” did what a good kickoff should: it offered juicy stories to hold on to throughout the season and satisfied with hilarious standbys like George’s virility, Ray’s superhero fantasy, and Jonathan’s ability to be at once hyper-self-aware and oblivious. Read more about the show …

The Players: 

Episode Title: “The Blond In The Woods”


Jonathan (Schwartzman), George (Danson), and Ray (Galifianakis) each have an expectation of what fatherhood is meant to be. While searching for the answers they find themselves in varying degrees of paternal struggle: Jonathan doles some interesting news about his conception, George meets his daughter’s new “boy”friend and Ray meets his son.

The Good:

  • Samantha Bee: We love Samantha Bee on “The Daily Show” and we love her as the now divorced lesbian mother to Ray’s son. We hope to see more of her relaxed humor in the coming episodes.
  • Ray Meets His Son: In true “new dad” form, Ray comes unglued when his kid cries uncontrollably. After asking the kid to suck it up, Ray offers him a tasty solution. No spoilers, but be warned – Ray gives new meaning to Mr. Mom. Galifianakis has mastered the guy-on-the-edge persona and it really shows in this subplot.
  • Join The Circus: Bored To Death has a real circus bravado. From its characters’ costumes to its close-ups and hammy devotion to bygone days, this episode was a true homage to the big top. At Jonathan’s second book launch, he goes for full impalement art glory. And it’s a thing of beauty.
  • George’s Virility: Sam Malone may be nearing Social Security age, but Ted Danson’s George Christopher has all the oyster swilling energy of the nubile young waiters he employs (the names of which escape him due to his pot-smoking days). It’s fun to watch George attack life with youth and imagination. It’s even funnier to hear his cracks about women.

The Bad:

  • Bernard: Emily’s old (not as in past but as in old) boyfriend is hilarious in his uncanny way to make us feel like we are hot-tubbing in bacon grease. It’s comedic torture. It’s good but it’s so, so bad.
  • The Hunt For The Real Father: It’s going to take a full season to crack this case. The suspense is great for the show but bad for us who skip straight to the “Spoiler Alert” section in a review. This one’s going to take some patience.


This was a great kick-off to the third season of the smart and dark comedy. Each of the three main characters got a great storyline that will be interesting to watch unfold over this new season.

Rating: 9/10

Bored To Death airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO

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