It seems that networks have been getting a little wiggy lately, in that they’ve been threatening to axe their flagship shows—just yesterday, we reported that Fox might cancel The Simpsons over contractual disputes, and now Showtime might have to bring its wildly successful serial killer drama, Dexter, to a close over… you guessed it, contractual disputes.

See, Dexter is the biggest ratings draw that Showtime has going for it, and, as the show begins its sixth season this month, wants at least two more seasons—but Dexter star Michael C. Hall is demanding more moolah, and Showtime’s refusing to pay up, meaning this season could be the end for Dex.

According to The AV Club (via Deadline):

“…negotiations have stalled between Showtime and Michael C. Hall over his doing another season of Dexter… The network is now looking to drag [the program] out over as many as two more seasons, but Hall is reportedly balking at continuing unless he receives $24 million for both. Instead, Showtime has offered him $20 million, which would still make him one of the highest-paid actors on cable… Unfortunately for Showtime, the day they chose to talk about all this was also the day that Dexter’s sixth season premiere scored its highest-rated numbers ever, and became the network’s best-performing series opener in over a decade, which seemingly gives Hall a lot of leverage.”

So, just like in the case of The Simpsons, you have a network desperate to keep its cash cow/ ratings gold, and you have the actors who’ve realized that the shows cannot continue without them—all of which boils down to a bunch of millionaires arguing about who gets a few extra million per year.

What do you think about the Dexter news?