The world has experienced a great loss with today’s announcement of Steve Jobs passing. The former CEO of Apple, his role in revolutionizing the world is the sort of thing that will now pass quickly into legend. How we use our computers, and how we use our phones have all felt his touch. It’s also important to note how he changed the film business.

Jobs was one of the first believers and supporters of Pixar and John Lasseter, and was an executive producer on Toy Story.  With Jobs’s help, they designed the Pixar lab where the company makes its product, and everyone at Pixar has talked about Jobs’s influence. I briefly visited their headquarters and the design of the building was all Jobs. We were told that he even wanted unisex toilets so people would constantly be interacting with each other, but that was quickly abandoned.

That faith in Pixar led to them becoming the zenith of children’s entertainment, and also changed animation’s future for good. For all the stories about Jobs that will surface over the next couple days, and as a world takes stock of this man’s achievements in technology, it’s worth noting that his genius extended beyond Apple products.

Some of his most impressive accomplishments:

  • Established Apple on April 1, 1976
  • Designed the first ever Macintosh Computer
  • Launched iTunes and helped create the iPod and change the distribution of music as we know it
  • 2007 Released the first iPhone which grew to be the most popular iPhone in the world
  • In 2010 gave birth to the iPad
  • Backed John Lasseter and other animation artists to help pioneer an entirely new kind of film-making and Executive Produce arguably one of the best films ever made, Toy Story.

His creations have changed the way we watch, listen and make films. He’s a true pioneer and he will be deeply missed.

The Beginning – 1984 Macintosh Computer Ad:

His Last Appearance – 2011 Steve Jobs Announces the iPhone 4 and iOS 5 on October 4th:

A Goodbye to Steve Jobs:

What do you think of when you hear the name Steve Jobs?