If “Glee” had a greatest episodes DVD package, ‘Asian F’ would be the leadliner. Last night’s episode proved that this show just keeps on getting better. It had great performances, shocking moments, and emotional drama. The writers were focusing hard on the development of the characters, and cutting out the fluff. Last night, the casting for West Side Story continued, Mercedes, who’s also after the part of Maria, revealed a new side of herself, Brittany, with the help of Santana, takes her presidential campaign to a whole new level, and we get to learn more about the quite Mike Chang. Here’s the breakdown on last night’s episode of “Glee.”

The Players:

  • Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
  • Writer: Ian Brennan
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Cheyenne, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, Mike O’Malley, and Idina Menzel (guest star)

Episode Title: “Asian F”

Emma Pillsbury’s parents come for a visit, and Mike Chang struggles with his grades while his parents work to get him back on track.

The Good:

  • Mike Chang Gets An Asian-F: This episode was Mike Chang’s coming out party. He’s the only member of Glee club who hasn’t gotten any serious screen-time — but it was worth the wait. In ‘Asian F,’ Mike disappoints his strict parents by getting an A-minus. His father tells him that he needs to back-off the arts and focus on what’s important because he has to get into a good school… except Mike’s dream isn’t to be doctor, but an artist. During one of last night’s scenes, Mike dances alone in the school’s ballet room. He’s haunted by his father’s image, but he fights through it. It’s a quite and powerful performance.
  • Girl Power: Brittany campaigns for class president with Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls). The performance starts off too sudden, but it turns out to be very entertaining. Brittany rallies up a bunch of girls – cheerleaders and not – and leaves Kurt thinking that he might not have this whole race in the bag.
  • Rachel and Mercedes’ Face-off: Mercedes has always been one of Rachel’s nemesis. Both have star quality and are divas in their own right. But their friendly rivalry took a turn in ‘Asian F.’ Once again, Mercedes gets angry that Rachel is getting all the spotlight and all of the praise, and that she’s getting all of the criticism. She and Rachel have a face-off (which someone refers to ‘Clash of the Titans), performing “Out Here On My Own” from Fame. Their solo performances overlap, and that creates an emotional competition on the screen.
  • Ginger Supremacists: Emma’s parents are just like Emma, but on steroids. And they’re ginger supremacists! What? It would be a ridiculous move, if it wasn’t so damn unique. The writers really got creative here and that deserves a shout-out.

The So-So:

  • Mercedes Quits (SPOILER!): Mercedes has left New Directions, and from the twist at the end of the episode, it seems like she’s not coming back. During one of the “Booty Camps” Mercedes looses her temper. She calls on Mr. Schue’s favoritism for Rachel, and in return, he gives her an ultimatum (“If you walk out that door…”) But the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense. Last week Mr. Schue stood up to Santana and kicked her off the New Directions, but this week, Santana is back. Quinn also came back, and she caused all kinds of problems. Mr. Schue didn’t have a problem when they both decided to rejoin the club, so it’s a bit strange that he would  kick out Mercedes. The girl hasn’t done anything wrong. She didn’t betray the club like Santana, nor did she make a shameful documentary embarrassing the New Directions like Quinn. It seems like Mercedes will be joining Shelby’s new glee club, and that’s a great twist, but the events that lead up to that feel forced.
  • Finn Is Still M.I.A: Episode 3 and still no Finn. What’s going on here? He’s a main character. It’s great that he and Rachel are boyfriend and girlfriend again, but it’s annoying to see him as her sidekick. Give us more Finn please!

The Music:

  • “Spotlight,” Jennifer Hudson – Mercedes auditions for the leading role in West Side Story. This obviously conflicts with Rachel, who also wants the part. Mercedes shocks the judges with her rendition of “Spotlight.”
  • “Run the World (Girls), ” Beyonce – McKinley has never had a girl president, and Brittany is eager to be the first. She rallies up a lot of girls and gives a very sexy and entertaining performance of “Run the World.”
  • “Cool,” West Side Story – Mike Chang isn’t known for his voice, he’s known for his amazing dance moves. But now, he’s upping his game. He auditions for the part of Riff with “Cool.”
  • “It’s All Over,” Dreamgirls – Mercedes gets fed up with Mr. Schue. She and some of the New Directions perform a 60s-style performance of “It’s All Over.”
  • “Out Here On My Own,” Fame – Rachel and Mercedes have to re-audition for the part of Maria. They face-off with “Out Here On My Own” in-front of the judges and the New Directions.
  • “Fix You,” Coldplay – Mr. Schue and the New Directions finish the episode with an emotional performance of “Fix You.”


‘Asian F’ was a great episode. Was it the best? Probably not. Still, the writers are getting back to the basics. ‘Asian F’ was a delicious dish of entertainment and drama.

Rating: 9.5/10

“Glee” airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on FOX.

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