Making a move that will pretty much engender the hatred of, well, probably just about everyone, it appears as if the Fox network will be attempting to bring the axe down on the long-running The Simpsons cartoon.  Why?  As is the case with almost all things—money.

Turns out that “contract disputes has hit an impasse between 20th Century Fox and the six principal voice actors, with Fox threatening to end the series after its current 23rd season if the cast refuses to accept ‘a draconian 45-percent pay cut.’”  At the heart of all of this is a tug of war over a “tiny percentage” of The Simpsons’ “syndication and merchandising back-end… that amounts to countless billions.”

All of the actors (i.e. Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer) have long argued that they deserve a piece of those profits, considering their contributions are just as key to the show’s success as those of co-creators James L. Brooks and Matt Groening. But Fox believes they should be happy with the around $8 million apiece they make every year, and balked at the actors’ proposal of a 30-percent pay cut plus a taste of that bottomless renewable revenue.

So there you have it, gang—The Simpsons may be on its way out, all because of moolah.  And considering the fact that Fox has enough Simpsons episodes to make up an entire network based around the show, it’s sounding more and more like Fox doesn’t need the show around anymore.

What do you think of The Simpsons news?