So.  It’s come to this.  As The AV Club notes, Nelson Mandela “survived nearly three decades in a South African prison, and upon his release worked more tirelessly than ever to bring equality and a democratic voice to an oppressed people,” and now, he’s receiving the ultimate reward a man can receive after spending a giant chunk of his life sacrificing his freedom to ensure the freedom of others—his granddaughters are getting a reality TV show.


The as-yet-untitled show from American producer Rick Leed, creator of Dr. 90210 (which documented one man’s brave efforts to end segregation between lips and ass-fat), will follow a trio of younger Mandela women, all of whom were raised in the United States but returned to South Africa to follow their dreams, more or less around the time their grandfather suddenly became president.

Wow.  Just… wow.  If there was one way to possibly add any more dignity and pride to the Mandela name, it would be to give them a rip-off of the Kardashian’s show.  Really.  So it’s nice that Mandela’s hard lifelong work finally paid off and did something good for the world, right?

What do you think of the Nelson Mandela news?