What’s Your Number? is one of those films that in the sea of Rom-Coms you just won’t remember until you stumble across it on a plane in a years time. Despite hitting all the “right” moments, having a charming leading duo and a number of good supporting actors, the film is just so damn mediocre and the script, which is attempting to be pro-female, is about 10 years out of date. Sex and the City, Friends with Benefits/No Strings Attached (in my mind they’re the same film), and Bridesmaids have already pushed the boundaries so much further for woman, that this film just falls flat and gives you literally nothing new…

The Players:

A group of women get together for a bachelorette party and play a game in which they have to guess one another’s sex numbers. Apparently the number 20 is just so damn large that it forces our leading lady to try to get back her exes to keep from becoming a whore. It’s a ridiculous plot at best, based on the science of Cosmo, but it does set off a series of interesting and at times, fun events.

The Plot:

  • Director: Mark Mylod
  • Writers: Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden (screenplay); Karyn Bosnak (novel “20 Times a Lady”)
  • Actors: Anna Faris, Chris Evans and Ari Graynor

The Good:

  • Really Pretty: If you’re in the mood to see ridiculously good looking people, in beautiful apartments, wearing perfect clothing, then you’ll love this! For me, it just constantly reminded me that I was watching a comedy that was trying too hard to make up for its lack of interesting points with flashy attire.
  • Penis/Poo Jokes: Yeap. The best moments in the film were related to “penis jokes” or “poo lines”. That’s saying a lot. Chris Evan’s has one great line involving a guitar, the time of day and the cold… THAT’s the highlight! Evan’s is charming, there’s no doubt about that, and he brings to life a number of dull moments, one only wishes he would have been given more to play with.
  • Supporting Cast: Joel Mchale is so damn cute, why’s he gotta be the nasty guy? He does it well though — and gives us some necessary nasty humor.

The Bad:

  • Not Realistic: From a 30-some year old guy believing that a sexy, working girl in New York only ever had sex with one man even though they hadn’t seen each other in 15 years and had no connection, to a woman flying to Florida to get a pap-shmear from a doctor who she may have dated, to anyone in their mid 30′s in New York freaking out that much about their “number.” The premise is stupid and not in a fun way, more in an offensive to progressive women way.
  • No Big Laughs: This is a comedy, we go their to laugh, so where was the comedy. Chris Evans is charming and Anna Faris can be funny, but it never really worked for either of them.
  • By-the-book: Absolutely NO surprises here! This film follows the rom-com outline to a “t”. Literally everything happens when you think it will, in the way you think it will, and even with a cliched, running out of a wedding to find ones true love. It doesn’t really make it better that it’s a woman chasing the man, that’s not equality, it’s been done and it’s not interesting anymore.


This could be a good hangover movie (a film that distracts you without making you think) or maybe good for a plane trip, but I have a feeling it will just come and go with the fall breeze.

Rating: 3.5/10

What’s Your Number? hits theaters September 30th.

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(Why does Faris always have her mouth open??)

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