The models got a reality check during this week’s episode of “ANTM,” All-Star Edition. One of the most well-known faces of reality TV dropped in to chat with the models about career longevity (the branding theme overlapped here a bit). The girls also got to show off their interview skills with celebrity host Mario Lopez, but they were in for a shock when Nigel announced what the winners would get. Let’s check out the hits and misses of ‘Kristin Cavallari.’

The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley
  • Guest Judges: Ashlee Simpson
  • Cast: Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1), Camille McDonald (Cycle 2), Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Dominique Reighard (Cycle 10), Isis King (Cycle 11), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12), Laura Kirkpatrick (Cycle 13), Angelea Preston (Cycle 14), Kayla Ferrel (Cycle 15) and Alexandria Everett (Cycle 16).

Episode Title: “Kristin Cavallari”

One of the most popular reality TV stars drops by the Top Model house to give the models tips on being a celebrity in Hollywood, and celebrity host Mario Lopez tests their interviewing skills. At the photo shoot, the girls pair up and pose on stilts.

The Good:

  • Interview Challenge: There’s been a lot of interview challenges during Top Model, but not like this. “Saved By the Bell’s” Mario Lopez dropped by to interview the models. The girls were split into two groups of six, and the winning team would get immunity from that week’s elimination. Yes, immunity was a bad way to go (see below), but that didn’t stop this challenge from being special.  In past seasons, the interview challenges are always painful to watch because the models lack public speaking skills. But these girls aren’t rookies, they’re All-Stars, and their interviews were a joy to watch, despite what Nigel had to say.
  • Photoshoot: During ‘Kristin Cavallari” the models were up on stilts, dressed à la Lady Gaga. This is a photoshoot that pairs one girl from the winning (interview challenge) team with one girl from the losing team. All in all, this is just a really fun photoshoot. It’s artistic and energetic, not to mention the models are like 10 feet tall.
  • “Bootie–tooch”: New word! These just keep coming. Last week, “ANTM” introduced the word ‘Ty-over’ a.k.a makeover. During last night’s panel, Tyra told Allison that she had a nice “bootie–tooch.” This means that the back is arched and the butt is popped. Tyra didn’t need to take credit for that one (this is a pose we see everywhere), but it’s fun when the panel comes up with new words.
  • Best line: While blowing out steam on the bus ride home, Angelea tells Alexandria, “I know how to conduct myself, I worked at a bank.”

The Bad:

  • Kristin Cavallari’s Suspenseful Entry: The build-up for Kristin Cavallari’s entrance was too much. It was too suspenseful, like if the Queen of England or Angelina Jolie were coming through the door. Let’s relax, K. Cavallari is just one of the many princess of reality TV. Plus, the commercial break totally overdid it.
  • Safe/Unsafe zone: The interview challenge was great, the reward was not. Rewarding half the models with immunity means one thing – mediocrity . Since they don’t have to worry about being eliminated, they don’t make an effort to take a good picture. Immunity equals laziness.
  • Isis Gets “Chopped”: And because half of the models are safe from elimination, Isis got chopped. She was totally robbed. She had the potential to win ANTM. She did not deserve to go home. She has personality, she’s a role model and she can take a great picture.

Eliminated (spoiler ahead):

  • Isis: She’d come so far since cycle 11. It was really sad to see her go.


So far, this All-Star edition has been more about the competition and less about the drama, which is rare because usually, these models get into fights all the time. Let’s just hope things don’t get boring.

Rating: 7.5/10

Watch “America’s Next Top Model” All-Cast Edition Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.


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