Here’s the problem with this 50/50, the marketing sets it up for failure. They’re so busy trying to get people into the theaters by making them think that it’s a comedy, that they’re setting up the wrong expectations and therefore forcing the film to be unable to achieve its goal — telling a true to life story. There are some laughs, some love, some beautiful moments, some sadness, fear, all the things that go into real human life, which is what makes it so great. So avoid the ads and go into this film knowing you’re getting a solid drama with a few chuckles…

The Player:

The Plot:

A 27-year-old guy gets diagnosed with cancer and turns to his friends and family who all provide him with a variety of different kinds of support.

The Good:

  • Levitt: He’s on a roll and with this film he keeps on rolling. He’s at his best in film’s of this nature, as opposed to Inception, where yes he looked good and did well, in this film he’s open, vulnerable, he’s so raw that you never know what he’ll do next and you care about him throughout everything he does. You not only follow his journey with eyes wide open, but care about him the entire way.
  • The Women: Anna Kendrick is absolutely adorable, the chemistry between her and Levitt is honest and real, overall she brought some much needed light to this film and was a joy to watch. Bryce Dallas Howard, I hated, which is a testament to her acting and how well she played the character. She played the kind of woman that we all hate and did it so damn well. It was a risk and it paid off. Having Anjelica Huston stop by is never a bad thing either. Nicely done ladies!
  • Skeletor: These are one of those small, but important moments of humor and it’s fantastic.
  • Relationships: From parents to son, boyfriend to horrible girlfriend, guy to guy, to patient to therapist, there’s a number of interesting relationships in this film that though only on screen for a limited time, really show you the heart of what loving someone, in a variety of different ways means, and how pretending to do that, never works.

So So:

  • Rogen: There were times where he played up the slap-stick side of comedy a bit too much. He needs to move away from the heavy, asshole comedian, because when he settles, he’s laying up the comedy a little bit too much!

The Bad:

  • Not Much: There was very little to complain about coming out of this film. Though I didn’t love it, it had a number of great qualities and is an easy film to appreciate.


It’s a touching, poignant film that deals with a difficult topic in a very palatable way. It’s the not the feel-good film of the year, the comedy of the year, or the drama, but there’s something about it that’s honest, that you can relate to, that makes it one of the most human films of the year.

Rating: 7/10

50/50 hits theaters September 30th.

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