This season “Weeds” started off with a three-year time jump. During that time Nancy was in jail serving a sentence for the murder of Pilar Zuazo, and the Botwin boys were keeping a low profile in Copenhagen, plus Doug. The family reunited in the Big Apple where chaos rapidly ensued. Nancy’s initial goal was to break out of the half-way house and get Stevie back from her sister Jill, but she got tangled in a lot of drama, like she normally does. Season 7 was transformational for Silas – he broke out of being a mama’s boy into a man of action. The tension between him and Nancy reached its peak during last week’s episode, and they started a family war. For the most part, this season felt like a transitional period for the Botwin family. A lot happened in last night’s season finale of “Weeds,” including the return of crazy Jill. But was this finale as gripping as other “Weeds” finales?

The Players:

Episode: “Do Her / Don’t Do Her”

In the seventh-season finale, Silas turns the tables on Nancy as Shane tries to keep her out of harm’s way and the clutches of Det. Ouellette. Meanwhile, Doug schemes to keep alive his hedge-fund scam.

The Good:

  • Silas’ Guilt: Silas knows he went too far and he feels extremely guilty. He’s conflicted and can’t decide what to do. It’s great to see him realize that he made a mistake. He’s turned into the best character to watch this season.
  • Nancy and Jill confrontation: This confrontation was 12 episodes in the making. Earlier in the season we got a taste of the Nancy and Jill drama, when the two argue through an intercom system. This time, we get the whole shebang. There’s a few great insults. Jill calls Nancy ‘bug eyes’ and Nancy calls Jill ‘mustache.’ You really get the feel that these two have a history together. Also Jill is honest with Nancy about why she wants to keep Stevie.

The So-So:

  • Cliffhanger (SPOILER!): Somehow, the entire Botwin family, plus Jill, her twin daughters, and Doug, managed to get out of NYC alive, and are all living in Connecticut. Everyone is gathered for a celebratory brunch, but there’s also a third party aiming a rifle at them from the bushes. The screen fades to black and then there’s the sound of a gun shot. It’s a very open-ended cliffhanger. It could be a good start to a final season, but “Weeds” has yet to be renewed for an eight season. Nancy has made a lot of enemies and it makes sense that someone would want her dead, but still this gunshot is a whole other ball game.
  • Time Jump (SPOILER!): Before the three-year time jump at the beginning of this season, there’s been just one other time jump – six months during season five. In the last few minutes of Season 7′s finale episode there’s another time jump of two months. The event that follow – the Botwin family is gathered for a peaceful brunch in a Connecticut home – patches things up so-so. This is a half-hour episode with a lot to cover, and not time to waste. The flash-forward cuts out unnecessary details, but at the same time leaves out a lot. It creates a bit of confusion. If there’s an eight season, it would be a good idea to detail how the Botwin family decided to move together to Connecticut.

The Bad

  • Emma is M.I.A: Emma was completely left out of the finale. She was an important character during the last few episodes. She’s one of the reasons behind the Silas and Nancy war, yet she’s mentioned once in the whole finale.
  • Dimitri’s Gang (SPOILER!): Dimitri got busted for who-knows-what, and his house is run over by a bunch off lookalike buffoons, all wearing crew neck T-Shirts and black rimmed glasses. When Nancy and Jill drop in for a visit, these ridiculous characters take turn rating Jill and Nancy with a ‘Do her/Don’t do her ‘ (hence the title of the episode). The whole thing is a waste of time, and the gang rape jokes are not funny.


The season finale resonates with Season 7 as a whole, there were a lot of entertaining plot lines and some funny moments, but overall a lot of confusion. It would be a shame for “Weeds” to finish like this, even though it went out with a bang, literally.

Rating: 7/10

What did you think of last night’s episode?