Despite the cavalcade of production snafus that have befallen the wildly unnecessary Men In Black III—really, do we need another one?—from Alec Baldwin bailing on the production to massive filming delays to the growing sense that the entire production is simply an outgrowth of Will Smith’s increasingly egomaniacal self love, it looks like Men in Black III is still happening.  And now details about the aliens featured in the film have begun to slip.

According to Coming Soon, half of the film will take place in the mid 1960’s—thanks to some nifty time travel knocking Will Smith’s character back in time to team up with Tommy Lee Jones’ younger self—and will thus feature some retro extraterrestrials, so says the film’s makeup effects designer, Rick Baker (via

“The thing that’s cool is there is a time travel element [to the story],” he says, “Where I had fun is that we go back to the Men in Black headquarters of the ’60s. The first thing I said is that we should have retro aliens, not aliens of 2012. More based on B-movies of the ’50s and ’60s. So, a lot of the aliens are based on that. Space suits with fishbowl helmets and ray guns.”

The 3D film (of course) is set to hit theaters on May 25, 2012.

What do you think of the Men in Black III news?