Spooky Scary. Johnny Depp stars in Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows, and we saw spy photos from the set recently, but Empire has the first official stills from the production, also highlighting co-stars Michelle Pfieffer, Johnny Lee Miller, and Helena Bonham Carter. Take a look…

Though it’s easy to beat up on Burton – especially after his Alice in Wonderland – the nice thing about Dark Shadows is that it’s drawn from a television show (soap opera, to be fair), and so there’s a lot of character development and story arcs that the writers and Burton could draw from. And though Depp’s gothic look plays right into Burton’s cult appeal, if the movie doesn’t work it won’t be because they had weak material.

This also introduces more of the family, and gives us a look at Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley and Chloe Grace Moretz. But it’s Johnny Lee Miller’s hair that gets us most excited for the film – less so with Eva Green as a Blond . If nothing else, this is one heck of a cast. But it’s understandable to be cynical about Tim Burton. Sleepy Hollow would seem to have been a slam dunk title for the maestro, but other than its look, it’s not very memorable. The picture is scheduled to open May 11, 2012.

Do you still like Tim Burton?