There’s a total of one movie coming to DVD this week, but it’s an absolute doozy: The third installment in the Transformers saga.

Yes, you can finally bring all the noise, clatter and LeBoufiness of Dark of the Moon home with you to give your flat screen a full-on workout. Or, if you prefer quieter fare, we have another selection of about a dozen TV on DVD seasons for your viewing pleasure.

Check it all out below…

Feature Films

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

“It was actually pretty bad.”

This is the universal review I’ve heard from countless friends who went and paid 18-or-so dollars to see this movie on a gigantic 3-D screen.

This after my constant pleas with them to skip this movie. Warning them that just because the trailer looks cool doesn’t mean this is going to be a great movie all of a sudden.

Not that this warning comes from any place of knowledge, as I’ve never spent a second watching the Transformers franchise. Instead, it comes from my friends’ constantly bashing the Transformers movies – the movies that they continue to see despite their not enjoying them very much.

So why does this happen? Why do people come back again and again to a story they hate and movies that irritate them? Is the franchise faith that strong in them? Do you absolutely need to see every sequel once you see the first one?

It’s very confusing. And this is from a person who saw The Pink Panther 2 on opening night.

If you are also addicted to the franchise, you can buy Transformers: Dark of the Moon on DVD.


As stated above, a whole lot of Network TV on DVD again this week, but nothing that really stands out:

  • “Army Wives”: Season 5 – Buy Now
  • “CSI”: Season 11 – Buy Now
  • “CSI: Miami”: Season 9 – Buy Now
  • “CSI: New York”: Season 7 – Buy Now
  • “How to Make it in America”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • “How I Met Your Mother”: Season 6 – Buy Now
  • “Hung”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Law & Order: SVU”: Season 12 – Buy Now
  • “The Middle”: Season 2 – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…