For a brief moment, Katherine Heigl was not only a movie star, she was in a good movie, and good in it. In Knocked Up she played well with Seth Rogen, and the two had believable chemistry. Then she went the Kate Hudson route, and has appeared in a number of romantic comedies that became more and more phony, and audiences began tuning out. Now she’s in One for the Money, and to be fair it’s not a standard romantic comedy. At least – if nothing else – the trailer suggests that there won’t be a clothes shopping montage. Check it out…

The trailer and star billing shows that the film is concerned with the sexual tension between Heigl’s character and Jason O’Mara’s wanted man – which could turn this into the poor man’s Out of Sight. And between the hookers/snitches and the old people that Heigl seems to live with, it’s possible that this is too cutesy by half. Also, co-star John Leguizamo is barely noticeable in the trailer.

But – to stay positive – maybe this film is Heigl working within her wheelhouse (romantic comedy) with a better twist, and with Janet Evanovich’s novels as the source, perhaps there’s a better story here than any of the last couple films Heigl’s made. She’s also re-teaming with director Julie Anne Robinson, who worked with Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy. The film comes out January 27, 2012.

What’s your favorite Katherine Heigl performance?