Michael Mann and David Milch make one heck of a combination. The creator of Miami Vice – and one of the greatest filmmakers on crime – and the creator of Deadwood working together? Sold American. Then there’s their cast: Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina, John Ortiz, Richard Kind, Kevin Dunn, and Michael Gambon. It’s now hard to wait until 2012 for the new series Luck on HBO, but here’s a tease. Check it out.

The only question that comes with such great artists involved in a project like this is if they can deliver the goods.  Hoffman stars as Chester Bernstein, who comes out of prison to enact a possible heist with his former muscle Gus Economou (Farina). Gambling, horse racing, crime – this could be something special.

And HBO has been good at getting the right team together, though after the collapse of Deadwood, seeing Milch back is exciting, and this cast is the right sort of men you’d expect in the Michael Mann (and David Milch) universe. Though network television is currently launching their fall seasons, we’re seeing more and more shows have their own schedules, and HBO has had a number of shows blossom by following the British formula of letting a show have a limited run instead of the more standard 24 episodes a year. It’s been working well for them, and it’s also great to see them give homes to filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Michael Mann. Luck hits in early 2012, and it’s hard to wait.

Do you hold out hope for a Deadwood movie?